Why do ladies need bags?

Why do ladies need bags?

  Why do ladies need bags?

Most women feel naked without their handbags

For them handbag is more than just a means of carrying their belongings, it’s a fashion statement, a way to express her style and creativity. 

Handbags are of the accessories that women can’t give up, they put things that are considered important to them. 

Why do ladies need bags?

İt’s rare for a lady to leave the house without carrying her handbag . İt could be a place for her phone, a hairbrush, a lipstick and all the other things that women can’t leave her house without them.

So carrying the bag keeps her away from using large pockets . 

For women handbag is not just a kind of accessory , it’s her friend she carry it wherever she go . 


The most essential element of a women’s wardrobe and also functional and fashionable is a handbag or purse. 

And because handbag is a part of who the ladies are and it’s an easy way of expressing themselves . They would readily carry an empty handbag. So it adds a bit of flair to their outfit of the day. 

A designer handbag could alleviate a women’s status in any society she finds herself in. 

All these things make carrying a bag essential. 

Choosing the right bag for your body is just as important as getting the right fit in your clothing.  

For example, possessing a large handbag if your body is little makes you appear as if the handbag is holding you . 


Why do ladies need bags?

So there are some steps that you should keep in mind when choosing your bag : 

İf you are very tall and thin you can add a slouchy  , rounded bag to add some curvy don’t choose a tall , rectangular or long handbag. 

İf you are plus size choose medium sized structured bags that lay flat against you .  

If you have a balanced hips and shoulders then medium sized hobo bags , totes or crossbody bags will flatter your body .

However choosing the best bag that fits your body doesn’t prevent you from keeping updated on the latest trends. 

So Tolavita provided you a poppy bag  that you can wear it with every thing every day and every season

 Why do ladies need bags?

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