How To Choose Your Hijab?

How To Choose Your Hijab?

A Hijab is a Muslim woman's crown and a true symbol of elegance and modesty. But, how can you choose the right Hijab?

While a lot of people think the hijab is just a simple scarf, but an Islamic Hijab is more than that. The Muslim hijab has great religious and cultural meaning; however, it's an essential clothing element in every modern Muslim woman's wardrobe. Therefore it becomes the dress code for Muslim women. In addition, a lot of stylish women choose the lovely Hijab as a way to have a personal style accent. In fact, this increasing selection has created a great Hijab fashion phenomenon.

Today, fashion experts highlight the necessity to choose the best material for your Hijab. Because Wearing a Hijab made from different materials can give you a beautiful look. Where, the same Hijab color can look different if it's made from different materials and textures.

Hijab Materials Available At Tolavita?

Well, we have a large selection of Hijab Materials to choose from. Some are suitable for creating an elegant look, while others give the impression of a fashion icon. To help you make the right choice when buying hijab online, let's talk about the hijab materials we use. 

 The world popular Jersey Hijabs

Among the many types of hijabs, Jersey Hijabs are especially loved by a lot of active women. This is because they are flexible, comfortable and easy to wear. Moreover, you don't have to use needles anymore and you can keep them on all day long. They are ideal especially for women in colder regions. So, be sure to keep a jersey Hijab in your wardrobe during the cold season.  In addition, jersey Hijab is Suitable for casual and special occasion headscarves.

The jersey hijab is an easy-care material, doesn't crease or pill, which is a significant asset! A highly successful choice for female athletes, knitwear is a breathable material that combines perfectly with sportswear and streetwear for an ultra-light look.  All you have to do is choose the right one for your skin color.

Why Tolavita Jersey Hijab?

Today, dressing up long skirts and robes is no longer a concern, until we' ve made your choice easy.

All those tunics, dresses and hijabs that you couldn't find in your city and you imagined. All the process of buying material, coming up with patterns and following the steps of its confection you love, which obviously take more waiting time and money. But now you can get your lovely Hijab with one click.

At Tolavita, we take dress design to new levels while keeping it modest. We give you hijabs and other elegant and sophisticated traditional Islamic clothing with more style and colors choice. Our Hijab collection is made to fit your lifestyle, you can wear with any women's outfit.

Also, you don't have to worry about length either, Tolavita offer length adjustment services at no extra charge. Just add your note with your order specifying your length fitting needs.

Don’t forget to check out our last amazing hijab collection!


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“place the khumur over the bosoms,” Almighty Allah ordered the women to let the two ends of their headgear extend onto their bosoms so that they conceal their ears, the neck, face, and the upper part of the bosom also. (Chapter 33, Verse 59 – Al Ahzab).
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