5 Top Trend Season Colors For A Spring Outfit

5 Top Trend Season Colors For A Spring Outfit


In Tolavita Color is an extremely priority when selecting our fashion. Other than wearing colors you enjoy and fit your skin tone, we are always lookout for trends season colors and new inspired fashion ideas.

According to the best fashion designers, spring season colors are in top fashion. While some designers fill spring collections with somber black dresses to reflect our pandemic-stricken world, others have selected jolly shades of color expressing optimism over the future.

The runway's five color trends for 2022 are rich and full of life. So feel free to add some uplifting colors to your 2022 wardrobe.

Baby Pink

For the past six months, bright pink Barbie has been everywhere. However, since celebrities are often wearing pink colors pretty we think we're in a shift to softer baby pink.

This softer color joins the fast-growing trend of ballet pink and extends the ultra-feminine pieces associated with the Barbie core. Soft and romantic, it's the perfect way to push your spring wardrobe into cooler weather.

Kelly Green

Green is like no other color. If you want to wear a lot of green this season, as well as green is the perfect color for your spring coat. That doesn't mean it goes with everything - it's about the coat itself.

Mint Green

Spring pastels were not cutting edge, but mint green was fresher than ever on the spring 2022 runways. After seasons of saturated neon colors, soft green was a welcome addition.

Burning Red

Orange may be the color of summer, but our designers taking a different approach this spring with burning red. This bold color fits perfectly with your increasing office meetings and formal events where you dress professionally.


The season of bright colors calls for an equally colorful update of tried and tested neutrals such as cream and khaki.

This season, creamy yellow takes its rightful place in the spring/summer wardrobe.

Our buttery cream color collections give you an elegant tach to your crystal-embellished evening wear in your all events.

Using our selections of clothing and comfortable streetwear help you wear the spring 2022 color trends while you enjoy your days.

Feel free to try this trend colors for your spring season at Tolavita.com

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